Shipping Instructions

  • Prior to shipment PLEASE remove center caps, sensors, sensor bands, fancy valve stem covers etc. Weldcraft Wheels will not be responsible for these lost or damaged items.
  • Please do not apply any tape or other adhesives to your wheels prior to shipment.
  • All wheels require a completed and signed modification form before modifications can be done. Please download below and include with your shipment. We cannot modify wheels without this form.
  • Do not include your credit card information on your modification form, you will be contacted at the completion of your modificatons for payment.
  • A copy of your receipt will be included with your return shipment.
  • All Packages will be shipped back to you with a required signature.

Ship Packages to:

Weldcraft Wheels
Attn: James
11881 Belden CT
Livonia, Mi 48150

(734) 779-1303

Packaging Suggestions:

  • We recommend using 275 lb. tested double wall boxes.
  • Make sure your box is large enough to fit your wheels after modifications.
  • To ensure the safe return for your wheels your box may be replaced for a nominal fee if it is damaged during inbound shipment or is an improper fit for your newly modified wheels.
  • Generously insulate wheels when shipping. (NOTE: Please do not include packaging peanuts or popcorn in boxes as they can get into our welders cooling fans.)
  • All wheels leaving here are automatically insured for $500 a piece. If you would like a different amount for insurance please request it.

Drop Shipping:

  • DISCLAIMER: When purchasing wheels from a supplier, eBay seller, or any other sight unseen purchase Weldcraft Wheels will visually inspect and spin check your wheels upon arrival. We will call you to notify you about any run-out or damage we find on the wheel. At this point it is your responsibility to contact your supplier to rectify the problem. Weldcraft Wheels is not responsible for any damage done to the wheels prior to arrival.
  • Have your supplier include your name and phone number on the outside of the box, so we know who the wheels belongs to.
  • All drop shipments must have a completed modification form to accompany it. Please download below, complete, sign, and then fax to us at (734) 779-1345. Include suppliers name on your mod form. We cannot modify wheels without this form.