"This is the third time for the powdercoating. Picked a candy metallic burgundy from Tiger Coatings that appeared to be a dead-nuts match for the RAM Delmonico red, but the coater couldn't get the process right. The first time they came out hot pink. The second, purple. We cut our losses and just went with metallic silver the third time. The center caps are OEM-style from a few years ago, but no RAM logo. The trim rings are polished stainless '50s style ribbed from US Wheel. They mount up to the big dually wheels just fine. I would reasonably claim that this set is unique.


I had you make me eight wheels. The tire shop ranked them truest #1 to #8. I used the best two in front, the next four in back, and the seventh as a spare. The eighth is in the garage in case I ever need another. The tire shop says all of them are good ... just a matter of being persnickety. No vibration at all at 70 mph.


Have a great day!


Eric Peterson"