suggested methods

  1. Complete a modification form and include a copy in the box(es). Don't forget the price quote!
  2. Do pack the wheel(s) very well. Included plenty of packing material and be sure the wheel is snug and well secured in the box. (Shippers don't care about your wheels, we do! Pack them well...
  3. Be sure that wheel modification you would like done is accurate and descriptive on the form... ie. "add 1.5 inches" We WILL add 1.5 inches. 
  4. If you would like the weld beads finished down, include that on the form. The process is an additional $50 per wheel to perform
  5. Check over wheels for any nicks or scratches before sending us the wheels, we want the customer aware of the damage before we begin the work.




Do not....

  1. DON'T use packing peanuts... These are a mess!
  2. DON'T put the wheel in the box loose or with NO packing... 
  3. DON'T send us the center caps. We are not responsible for any loss of center caps/pressure sensors
  4. DON'T send bad wheels or out of round wheels to be modified...
  5. DON'T  send wheels without a form... If there is no form, the wheels will sit and wait.
  6. DON'T powder coat or paint wheels before a modification... we recommend doing that AFTER the modification as there will be a section of bare material when we are finished with them. (Sand blasting also interferes with the welding process.)


I am not sure how much to widen my wheels. Can you help me?

  We need you to tell us how much you want us to add or remove. Forums are a great place to start. Keep in mind we do not know what our previous customers have done to their cars in order for their wheels to fit. After the wheels leave here we may or may not hear back from them. Please check your clearances before sending us your rims.

How much does it typically cost to modify a rim?

  For any wheel pricing please either E-mail us at OR give us a call at 734-779-1303 

Do you work with bolt patterns and/or lug nuts?

  No, we do not work with lug nuts or bolt patterns. We simply do wheel widening, narrowing or repair.

How do I pay, and what kind of payment to you take?

  With modifications, we will call you at the end of the process with a total including  the return shipping. We take credit/debit card over the phone, cash and money orders. Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express.  No personal checks and no military discount.

Do you refinish?

  No, we do not do any refinish work. no polishing, no painting and no sandblasting, just the modifications and repairs. It is suggested that you do the painting and cosmetic work AFTER the modification is done. 

Do you modify motorcycle wheels?

No.  We do not modify motorcycle wheels however we can repair them.

Are there any wheels you DON'T take? Or any restrictions on wheels?

  We do not modify super snake wheels! 

Can you smooth the weld beads?

  Yes, to finish the welds beads and get a smooth, flush look is an additional $50.00 per wheel. 

I did not get a response to an email question I sent... why?

  There may be 2 reasons why you did not receive a response.


1. You did not put the word "wheels" in the subject line... (this is how we filter spam)

2. James is welding or simply has not checked E-mails yet... although E-mails are checked daily